OKRs Workshop with Morgan Mercer, Founder and CEO at Vantage Point

Valence Funding Network
Fri, Feb 5, 2021, 12:30 PM (PST)

About this event

Join Valence for our Founders Only Event Series featuring Morgan Mercer, Founder and CEO at Vantage Point. As the new year begins, it’s the perfect time to plan ahead in order to set and achieve realistic yet ambitious goals for your startup. In this intimate and interactive workshop Morgan will breakdown how to set, measure, and surpass objectives and key results (OKRs) for your business. Morgan is a subject matter expert when it comes to founding and scaling an innovative startup. Her company, Vantage Point, is one of only two-dozen Black woman-run companies to receive venture capital funding over $1M; Morgan sets high objectives for her business, and evidently has met major key results in the process. In this session, you can expect to hear an overview of Morgan’s own founder journey, a comprehensive lesson on OKRs, and time for Q&A. Attendees will leave the session empowered with tangible tips to apply best practices around goal setting for startups.

Vantage Point Company Description

Vantage Point was founded under the belief that while technology can cause apathy, immersive technology can drive empathy and fundamentally make the world more human. We believe that the heart of all we do is human. The way we make the world more human is by using technology to teach and inspire people to become the very best versions of themselves they always hoped to be. Today Vantage Point is actively developing the platform and the products to train people on EQ-driven skills and soft skills that matter, with the ultimate goal of enabling humans to unlock their full potential. We’re tacking enterprise training around important topics; beginning with tackling Workplace Anti-Sexual Harassment training.

Morgan Mercer Biography

Morgan is the founder of the immersive enterprise training company, Vantage Point. Vantage Point's immersive training platform leverages standalone Virtual Reality in conjunction with ML and AI, and offers training modules focused around Soft Skills development, including Workplace Harassment Training and Diversity and Inclusion Training. Vantage Point is one of only two-dozen Black woman-run companies to receive VC funding over $1M. Morgan was recognized by UN Women LA as a “Champion of Change” in the Era of Equity, was profiled in Vodafone, and will be profiled by the US Chamber of Commerce as a Female in STEM in 2020. Morgan was also named one of the Top 10 Female Tech Innovators in history by TechRadar and was listed as the Top Female in Tech in Los Angeles. 



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